Teacher Training Tips and Resources

Training Begins with Leadership

If leaders are not convinced of the need to personally become better equipped in ministry, they will have a harder time convincing teachers of its importance.

Further, leaders need to be on the same page regarding the ultimate goal and basic philosophy of teaching. Leadership training helps bring leaders together. When teachers see leaders working toward the same educational goal, they'll be more likely to come under the same broad umbrella.

Training Should be Tailored to Your Church & Your Teachers

Some content will be pertinent to all Bible teachers everywhere that is very important to the teaching-learning process.

For examples, read: Different Places, Same Needs

However, while we all can use reminders about a variety of topics, how much more effective if the training fits the specific needs of the teachers, their skill levels, learning styles, teaching experience, etc.

For examples, read: Different Places, Different Needs

Training Requires a Plan

Without a plan it will be too easy to get lax on teacher training or miss providing essential training.

  • How are you going to determine what training teachers really need?
  • How are you going to provide that training?
Bible Teacher Training Resources

Visit the Train Bible Teachers Blog for more tips and encouragement in training teachers.
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Teacher Training Must Be On-going

Part of the plan you develop involves scheduling on-going training for all teachers. Teacher Training isn't just for new teachers. No one has arrived, no matter how long the person has been teaching and no matter how much previous training the person has received.

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To understand why teacher training must be on-going, think about what happens when it isn't.

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Train Bible Teachers Through a Variety of Means

When training is modeled by the leaders and is tailored to your teachers, you will experience a higher success rate in teacher participation. Yes, people are busy and don't want another meeting. Who said teacher training is all about going to another meeting?

You can use a variety of means beyond attending in-house group training sessions or going to an outside seminar/conference. You can meet teachers where they are in terms of time commitment and preferred style of learning. Click below for suggestions about the various means:

Get even more ideas for using all of the teacher training means to the left in this resource along with a one page resource assessing your training approach and a two page survey to assess teachers' needs for training. (Please Note: This module is part of the Christian Education Files Download but can be ordered separately.)

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