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Ministry Tools Resource Center
Finding Your Best Fit in Ministry

Spiritual Gifts, Passions, Personality, Experience, Walk with God All Form Best Fit

Tools for Developing Personalized Ministry Profiles

ministry profiles - spiritual gifts, personality, heart passions, experience

What is a Ministry Profile?

A ministry profile, like putting together pieces of a puzzle, combines the parts of your life to form a picture of how you can serve the Lord -- your spiritual gifts, personality, passions, experience, and walk with God.

Why develop a Personalized Ministry Profile?

You will be able to identify your best fit in ministry, where you can serve with maximum effectiveness because of God's empowerment and design in your life.


How is a Ministry Profile Developed?

Identify Spiritual Gifts

Start by identifying your spiritual gifts and then determine which ministry areas use your gifts.

Tools for Identifying Your Spiritual Gifts:

Help on Determining Ministry Areas:

Heart Passions

Think through which of those ministry areas address the passions of your heart.

Help for Identifying Your Heart Passions:


Determine what kinds of tasks within those ministry areas fit your personality.

Tools for Learning More About Your Personality:

Help on Finding Tasks that Fit Your Personality:

Experience & Walk with God

Consider where God has brought you in your walk with Him and life experiences and how that could help in serving in these ways.

Questions About Where You are in Life:

  • What milestones, suffering, loss, or other life experiences have you undergone that could help you in ministry that fits your spiritual gifts, heart passions, and personality?
  • What lessons has God taught you about Himself and His ways that could be applied in ministry that fits your spiritual gifts, heart passions, and personality?
  • In what areas of your walk with God do you need to grow to better serve in ministry that fits your spiritual gifts, heart passions, and personality?
  • What training or past experience do you have in the ministry areas that fit your spiritual gifts, heart passions, and personality?

Training & Resources Available to Go Beyond Where You Have Been:

Want a Copy of This?

The Finding Your Best Fit in Ministry book can help you pull all of this together as you seek to develop your own personalized ministry profile.

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