Ministry Profile: How Your Walk with God Fits

ministry profile like a puzzle

Walk with God:
Motivates You
For Ministry

When seeking to bring the pieces of your life together to determine your best fit in ministry, you must include your walk with God as an integral part of your MINISTRY PROFILE. Your relationship with the Lord will propel you forward, motivating you to want to serve effectively. The more you love God, the more you will want to bring all the other pieces of your life together, like a puzzle, to form the complete image that He desires to use for His glory.
Essential to the proper outworking of your ministry profile is a growing, close walk with God. Spiritual gifts, personality, heart passions, and experience blend together to yield a greater effectiveness in serving God, but they will only take you so far if they are not under the constant refining work of the Spirit of God.

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What areas of your walk with God need further equipping?

Click on the topics below for recommended resources that may be of help to you in your walk with God.

Balancing Life / Time
using your time as a wise steward
Becoming a Christian
beginning your walk with God
Bible study
learning about God from His Word
placing confidence in God to do what He says
understanding what it means to walk the walk
relying on God, not your own abilities or merits
Letting Go of the Past
yielding all to the Lord
responding with the heart
resting content in God regardless of circumstances
communing with the Lord
Spirit-Filled Living
letting the Spirit control all you do
Spiritual Disciplines
fostering your relationship with God
Spiritual Warfare
overcoming by God's strength & mighty power
using what God gives you to His glory
sharing Christ with others
putting God first, above all others

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