Ministry Profile: How Your Heart Passions Fit

ministry profile like a puzzle

Heart Passions:
Focus for
Your Ministry

Your MINISTRY PROFILE looks at various pieces of your life and brings them together, like a puzzle, to form a big picture of your best fit in ministry -- where you might most effectively serve. Certainly one of those pieces must be the passions of your heart, that to which your heart seems to be drawn. These passions could be where God wants you to focus most of your time and effort in ministry.
If you are drawn to specific people, then you should target that group of people. If you get excited about a particular aspect of church life, then you should work within that area. If you are concerned about certain issues, then you should get involved in ways that deal with those problems.

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Equipping That Targets Your Heart Passions

Click on an issue, people group, or church ministry area below for which your heart tends to be drawn or impassioned to find resources to help you minister according to your heart passions.

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