14 Ways for Adults to Memorize Scripture

In a previous post giving a personal testimony about Scripture Memorization I wrote that I would give some ideas for how adults can memorize Scripture.  This is my list of ideas.  You should be able to find something that fits you … your learning style, personality, etc.  Incorporating variety into the way you memorize Bible verses should help keep it from getting boring, from being mere routine.  Who said Scripture memory can’t be fun?

  1. Use a Scripture memory system like the Navigators’ Topical Memory System or  The MacArthur Scripture Memory System.  (links will take you affiliate store)
  2. Make your own set of verse cards on three by five cards or printed on cardstock.  Take them with you where ever you go.  Keep rotating through them.
  3. Use a buddy system where you learn Scripture together and hold each other accountable.  Small groups, not just one-on-one relationships, can be a good place to employ the buddy system.
  4. Use music.  There are plenty of Scripture memory songs for children out there. (The link will take you to our affiliate store.)  Although designed for children, this music could be an easy way for us adults to learn as well.  Scripture Release offers some free downloads of songs based on Scripture verses that are geared more for adults.
  5. Get creative and make up your own song using a Scripture verse for the lyrics.
  6. Write it out on a chalk or white board and erase a word and then another and then another, each time trying to say the verse with the missing words.
  7. Get some how-to books used for children’s ministry and make it fun for yourself using some of the game ideas suggested in them.  One book in our affiliate store is 52 Ways to Teach Memory Verses.  Who said adults can’t memorize verses using games and other activities?
  8. Use a computer program.  You can find programs on the internet by using a search engine, with keywords like “scripture memory program” or “scripture memory software.”  Tack on the word “free” and you will find plenty of freebies.
  9. Find an app for your cell phone for Scripture memorization.
  10. Work with the same verse or passage in a variety of ways.  Read it silently.  Read it aloud.  Study it.  Write it out.
  11. Put some rhythm into it.  Say it with emphasis on different words or syllables, clapping or tapping to each word, etc.
  12. Make symbols or draw pictures to represent words or phrases, either literally on paper or with mental images.  Use these images to guide you through recall of the verse.
  13. Each time you say the verse aloud, do it differently (i.e., regular volume, a whisper, loud, fast, slow, normal speed, etc.).
  14. Make a recording of verses you want to memorize and take it with you in the car to play on a continuous loop as you travel.

10 Replies to “14 Ways for Adults to Memorize Scripture”

  1. Thanks Phyllis! This is a great list. I would also recommend another fantastic iPhone app for memorizing Scripture. It’s called Bible Memory and it’s the best app out there! Thanks again!!

    • Thanks for the recommendation, Edward. I checked out the app and it looks like a good one. I might have to consider getting it for myself.

  2. Thanks for the great tips! Here is a very handy Scripture memorization app for Android users: Remember Me

    • In looking at the address you provided, I see that you are the developer of the app. Thanks for using your skills for God’s glory.

  3. You should check out the Fighter Verses app. It has a ton of features and is still adding more. The app has lots of things to help you memorize bible verses: a quiz, verse audio, a weekly commentary / blog, and songs (coming soon). It’s available both for iPhone / iPad and Android.

  4. Hi Phyllis, I enjoyed reading your blog on ways to memorize scripture. I’ve always found that to be a challenge. I recently created an iPhone app to help me memorize individual proverbs from the book of Proverbs. It’s called “Daily Proverb” and can be found on the iTunes store. Billy

    • Yes, Billy, memorizing Scripture can be a challenge. Thankfully we have increasingly more and more tools available to help us. Others reading these comments might be interested to know that your app provides the King James Version and the World English Bible.

  5. Regarding “Way 4 – Use Music” – Last year we went through the 66 books of the Bible in one year and as part of that we had a memory verse from each book. I did not have much success memorizing them however I did realize that I already had one or two memorized because they were part of hymns or songs we sing. I would love to see a list of popular hymns or songs that contain scripture. I’ll bet a lot of people have verses memorized and don’t even know it!

    • Yes, Billy, think of all the jingles, commercials, hymns, and other songs we know from heart … that we learned years ago and just stick with us. If more of what we learned was actual Scripture set to music, think of the number of verses we would have memorized! I found sites with songs/hymns based on Scripture but not lists of songs/hymns solely actually quoting Scripture. That doesn’t mean such a site isn’t out there.

  6. For Bible Memory Apps try out “Bible memory: Memorize It – Bible”. Every time you open your phone you get prompted with a quick memory quiz! Its great for those that do not have time to memorize scripture or for those that are not very self disciplined to use the other bible memory apps available.