The Effects of Busyness in the Life of the Church

The busyness of people affects not only their own lives but the life of the church in many ways.

Busyness!  We see its effects in attendance.
People are constantly making choices on what they view as important enough to fit into their busy schedules.  Sometimes sleeping in, family time, work, sports events, or some other activity will take priority over regular church programs; how much more for training or other special events.

Busyness!  We see its effects in fellowshipping with one another.
In a busy world, time and availability are a rare commodity but it takes time to get to know people.  How are we to fellowship with one another if we do not spend time with one another?  (Heb. 10:25)

Busyness!  We see its effects in recruitment.
The number one reason ministry leaders hear for people not serving, according to a poll taken on the site, is busyness. How do you motivate people to get involved in the work of the church and ministry when their schedules are already full?

Busyness!  We see its effects in how well people do ministry.
Busyness affects our ability to be reliable in the little things.  Little things add up to a big picture.  Whether they simply feel too depleted to put their best into the ministry or they run out of time to tend to all the details, busy people often do just what they must to get by.

Busyness!  We see its effects in our personal lives which ultimately can affect the worship service.
Worship does not begin and end in a worship service.  If we are not presenting our lives to God throughout the week, we will have little to bring into the worship service to add into the collective expression of praise.  God looks at the big picture, not simply that moment.  He sees the heart.

Let’s help each other remember that there will come a day when time will be no more.

NOW is what we have to work with here on this earth.  You or those you know may be in heaven tomorrow.  That thought should challenge us in the way we use our time.

Heaven will be the culmination of your love relationship with the Lord.  Let’s not let busyness rob us of nurturing that relationship now.  Let’s take time to talk with Him and to let Him speak with us through His Word … today!

Let’s help each other learn to live in light of eternity, using our time in ways that count not just for today but for eternity.  When we do, we will follow the words of Ephesians 5:15-16

Be very careful, then, how you live — not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity because the days are evil.

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