I Know Some Servants … with the Spiritual Gift of Wisdom

The Spiritual Gift of Wisdom Defined

to apply knowledge to life in such a way as to make spiritual truths quite relevant and practical in proper decision-making and daily life situations

Servant #1:  People in her church would constantly turn to her for advice.  She had this knack of being able to show people how God’s Word fit their particular situation in the most practical ways.

Servant #2:  People tended to defer to him when problems would arise.  In leading a ministry, he was constantly seeking the best solutions to problems based on principles from God’s Word.

Servant #3:  People wanted her to be on their committees because she would help the group get beyond simply coming up with good ideas or looking at issues in theory.  She would be able to help the group arrive at ways to implement the ideas that worked but most importantly that lined up with God’s Word.

All of these servants were able to see how God’s Word fit into real life, to point out the relevance and implications of Truth to particular situations or issues.  In addition to other gifts, they all had the gift of wisdom.

Lesson to be learned:

If you want to get beyond simply knowing what God’s Word says, seek out someone with the gift of wisdom.  They are able to provide insight into how the Word applies to life. But, don’t go to them if you are looking for human or worldly wisdom.  These servants provide godly wisdom based on God’s Word.

9 Replies to “I Know Some Servants … with the Spiritual Gift of Wisdom”

  1. Through the Holy Spirit we receive the gifts from God. Without the Holy Spirit we couldn’t have any of the Gifts from God. The Gift of Wisdom is an important gift. We can with Wisdom help others who don’t understand what to do in certain situations. Some are given the gift of teaching. He gives the gift of being able to help in many things. Some can organize others to do tasks put before them. Some are given the gift of healing through Jesus. But we always need to be humble as we use our Gift. Leonard.

  2. I made copies of this information, I plan to read and learn from this information; I know it will be very helpful for me. I truly thank you for taking the time to teach others this valuable information. May God Bless You All Patricia

    • You are most welcome, Patricia. I praise God for your desire to learn and pray that God will indeed use this teaching in your life.

  3. Hello. Please advise: what are motivational, ministerial and spiritual gifts? I read somewhere that they are different from each other. I only know of spiritual gifts.

    • Hello, Mordecai Mthiyane. These are man-made categories some have given to spiritual gifts. You will not find them titled as such in the Bible. Some call the gifts listed in Romans 12:6-8 motivational gifts saying that these gifts motivate people to do what they do. Some call the gifts of Ephesians 4:11-13 ministerial gifts saying that these gifts minister to and equip people. Some call the gifts listed in I Corinthians 12:7-11 manifestation gifts saying that these are the gifts through which God manifests His supernatural power. Again, these categories are man-made. In reality, all of the spiritual gifts motivate people in the way they should serve. All gifts minister to people. All gifts are a display of God’s power.

  4. We are doing a study on spiritual gifts in our mixed adult Sunday School class and I found this mintools page very helpful. I intend to recommend it to the group. Several of the examples were spot on and helped to understand a Pastor that had the gift to Pastor and was weak the areas you mentioned. He only lasted a couple years because he didn’t know how to bring alongside servants to help with organization, administration, and leadership.

    • I’m glad you found this material helpful, Rebecca. It does help us to understand the practical outworking of the different spiritual gifts. In the situation you mentioned, it can help the church body in their expectations of the pastor. And, it can help the pastor to see where help is needed if the full-orbed work of the church is to be accomplished. A lot of frustration can be avoided when we have this understanding.

        • Rebecca, prophecy is one of the gifts Christians don’t all agree on in its use today. Some will say that it is no longer in use today as the canon of Scripture is complete and nothing should be added that isn’t already in Scripture. Certainly we do have to consider that when defining prophecy as foretelling. But, if you look at the original Greek word used in the Bible, you see that it comes from the Greek word “pro” which means ‘forth’ and the Greek word “phemi” which means ‘to speak’. Hence, prophecy can be defined as speaking forth, for “forth-telling”. In that sense, we are speaking forth the already existing Word of God not foretelling something unknown. There are some examples of the gift with this definition at: I Know Some Servants … with the Spiritual Gift of Prophecy

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