We Need More … But, More of What?

In this world of economic distress, we tend to want “more”  — more money, more jobs, more physical security.  In the church, we want “more” as well – more giving, more attendance, more workers.

In seeking for “more” let’s make sure we keep our eyes on what we truly need more of.  All that was just mentioned is good but so much is focused on the external.  — What about the internal? 

  • Do we want to be “more” of who God wants us to be, “more” of the person who will truly be used of God to make a difference in today’s world?
  • Do we want “more” heart transformation than mere head knowledge or external conformity to God’s Word and His ways?

In seeking for “more” let’s make sure we focus on what matters most.  All that was previously mentioned is good but so much of it is focused on the physical, that which is perishable.  — What about the spiritual, that which is imperishable?

  • Do we want to be “more” compassionate, like Jesus (Matt. 9:36), and hence “more” concerned about the people around us than money or things?
  • Do we want “more” faith in the One who promised to take care of our needs if we seek Him (Matt. 6:33) so we are “more” focused on God’s kingdom than this world?

In difficult times our attention can so quickly be drawn to physical needs.  Though we might honestly sense a need for “more,” let’s remember what matters most — the heart, people, God’s kingdom.  Therein we will find perspective.

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