Outreach a Priority?

To love God is to want others to come into a love relationship with Him as well. Hence, outreach becomes a priority.

4 Biblical Reasons Outreach Should be a Priority

Outreach is a Priority Because Jesus Came to Seek and SaveOutreach is wrapped up in the heart and purposes of God.

  1. Outreach is important enough for Jesus’ last command on this earth to be that we go and make disciples of all nations. (Matt. 28:18-20)
  1. It’s part of God’s eternal purpose to send Jesus to seek and to save the lost. (Lk. 19:10)
  1. God patiently waits so more people to learn about Him as He doesn’t want anyone to perish. (2 Pet. 3:9)
  1. Jesus demonstrated God’s love and compassion toward the lost. (Matt. 9:36-38; 23:37)

If reaching out with His love is so important to God, shouldn’t it be for us as well?

The Church Purpose Manual looks at outreach as one of the ways we fulfill our purpose to love God and others.

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