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Saint Patrick’s Day Is …


Shamrocks, rainbows, leprechauns and pots of gold, the color green, and more, mark celebrations on Saint Patrick’s Day. But, there’s more to this holiday when we look at the life of the man called Saint Patrick.

Saint Patrick’s Day Is a Reminder of These Truths

From the life of Saint Patrick we can learn some reminders for life and ministry.

1) Trust in the sovereignty of God, not mere “luck of the Irish” or fate.

Having been kidnapped by Irish pirates, Patrick (born in Britain, whose birth name was Maewyn) was sold into slavery. While in Ireland he learned their language and culture. This proved useful when he later went back to Ireland as a missionary resulting in many new believers.

Read: Matt. 10:28-31; Romans 8:28; Eph. 1:11-12

2) Extend love and forgiveness to those who do us harm.

It’s reported that while in Ireland as a slave, Patrick came into a true relationship with the Lord. Though he escaped those who had enslaved him and went home, he eventually went back to Ireland as a missionary. Certainly the love and forgiveness of Christ in his own life compelled him to go back.

Read: Matt. 5:43-48; 6:12-15; 18:21-35; Rom. 5:8; 2 Cor. 5:14; Eph. 4:32

3) Use what is available and relevant to the people you’re trying to reach to help them understand who God is.
Saint Patrick's Day is a Reminder

According to tradition, Patrick used the shamrock to explain the Trinity. Green, with three heart-shaped leaves, it serves as a symbol of three yet one. Certainly it was not a coincidence that it’s considered Ireland’s national flower. Growing year-round in abundance, it could serve as a constant reminder of our Triune God.

Read: 1 Cor. 9:19-22

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