Help Kids See School as Their Mission Field

As children and teenagers head back to school, as well as young people to college, they have increased opportunity for outreach, to share Jesus Christ with their friends, to be a witness in word and deed.

Perhaps they can get involved in some sort of on-going campus ministry to have the support of other believers in their schools. A popular one day event is See You at the Pole.

It isn’t easy for kids to take a stand.  Are we, as a Church, helping them by praying for them consistently and training them to take a stand?

The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association has developed a curriculum for teens called Dare to Be a Daniel that I wanted to make sure you are aware of which you can find in our affiliate store.

Are we providing them with tools that will help them share the Gospel?

A unique outreach tool for kids is the Memory Cross cards.  Their creative design intrigues kids as the Gospel message is presented to them.  Click on the image below for more information at our affiliate store.

Memory Cross

Also, do kids have adult role models?  Do they see parents and other adults in their lives sharing Jesus with their neighbors and unsaved family members?  Do they hear reports of God’s activity in the workplace?

Do we, as adults, see our neighborhood and the workplace as our mission field?  If not, why should they listen to us when we encourage them to see school as their mission field?

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