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Prayer Chains: When Sharing Turns to Gossip


Gossip can have grave consequences on prayer efforts like a prayer chain.

Prayer Chains - Sharing Turns to GossipCoordinators need to put systems into place to help prevent gossip but the temptation is great.  Training people to be aware of the signs that sharing is turning into gossip can be helpful in dealing with this problem.

Gossip in prayer chains often starts out benign.  The person has good intentions.  Nonetheless, gossip is gossip.

Signs that Sharing is Turning into Gossip in Prayer Chains

More is discussed than what was originally passed on. Regardless of the intent, unless the person for whom prayer is requested granted permission for more to be shared, adding to the request quickly turns into gossip.

A hint of judgmentalism accompanies what is shared.  Regardless of the extent, any criticism, even what is termed constructive, starts to turn the sharing into gossip.

Justification of why something was shared seems necessary.  Regardless of the rational, if why something is shared isn’t obvious, it very possibly should not be shared.

What was shared gets passed on to someone not on the prayer chain.  Regardless of who that person is, failure to protect confidences turns sharing into gossip.

When people identify these signs, they need to confront it right away in themselves or in others.


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