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Constructive “What Ifs” for People in Ministry


Sometimes we focus on the “what ifs” of life, bemoaning what could have been.  Often these are circumstances over which we have little or no control.  As a result, we are pulled down rather than built up.

“What Ifs” can be constructive if used for evaluative purposes, to examine choices we tend to make and ways we conduct ourselves over which we have the ability to change.  “What if” we did things different in our walk with God and ministry? What kind of difference would it make?

Here are some “what ifs” to think about that could potentially revolutionize your ministry:

  • What if you spent more time daily communing with God in His Word and through prayer?
  • What if you cared more about what God thinks than what people think?
  • What if you spent more time listening to others than trying to promote your own agenda?
  • What if you acted with a little more grace toward those who stand in opposition to you?
  • What if you spent more time responding than reacting?
  • What if you expressed your appreciation and gratitude for people more often?
  • What if you tried to get people more involved in the process rather than doing it yourself?
  • What if you stopped and prayed before every decision you had to make?
  • What if you thought outside of the box more often rather than doing it simply because “we’ve always done it that way”?
  • What if you put more emphasis on Jesus than on programs and your own image?
  • What if you were as good of a role model for your own children as you act in front of others?
  • What if you acted like you really believe what you teach or preach?

Maybe you already do these things.  Great!  Just remember that there is always room for improvement.    None of us have arrived but we can all press on (Phil. 3:12).

Maybe you need to make some changes.  Think of the difference it would make in your own life and in the lives of those in your sphere of influence.  Look to God for power to change.

I can do everything through him who gives me strength. (Phil. 4:13)


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