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Who We Are Affects How We Serve


Let’s be honest with ourselves. What’s truly on the inside does have ways of showing itself outwardly, even if subtly. We need to ask ourselves what really is inside of us. Who we are from the inside out affects how we serve either propelling us forward, positively affecting our ministry, or holding us back, negatively impacting what we do.


We can say we love people but in reality hold grudges, biases, or bitterness. As a result, we don’t truly accept or trust people which affects our fellowship with them and ability to serve together as a team.


We can say we believe certain doctrines but not really hold onto those beliefs in our heart. As a result, we may put emphasis on certain truths over others and skew God’s character and ways.


We can say we are Christians but not actually walk in the Spirit and consequently not be very Christ-like. As a result, we may lack the integrity and humility essential to God-honoring ministry.


We can say we want to serve but don’t want to be inconvenienced or taken out of our comfort zone. As a result, we make one excuse after another on why we can’t get involved or perhaps quit shortly after beginning.


We can say we are trusting God but be filled with all sorts or doubts and insecurities. As a result, we take a cautious approach in ministry, not living up to the full potential of what God wants to do in and through us.

When was the last you prayed similar to Psalm 139:23-24,

Search me, O God - Psalm 139

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Remember this: No matter how big the gap may be between who we truly are and who we should be, change is possible as we rely on God’s power. We are not hopeless. We are not helpless in Him. We have a God who is able to transform us from the inside out.


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