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Winter Season Reminders of God


Using winter scene displays or decor is one way to remind people of our Creator God. We can also use activities or take home handouts with a winter theme to serve as reminders of God’s truth. God Himself uses word pictures in Scripture that sometimes pull in a seasonal reference like Isaiah 1:18. — “Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow.” That image reminds us that we have a merciful and gracious God.

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Crafts & Other Activities that Tie into the Winter Season

Children especially learn through repetition so the more we depict a lesson’s truth in different ways, the more we will reinforce what they’re learning. A winter themed craft or activity might use a verse unrelated to the season to reinforce that day’s lesson but it can serve a dual purpose of pointing them to the Creator of all things.

Religious Winter Penguin Magnet Craft Kit     Always Believe Arctic Sign Craft Kit      Jesus Warms My Heart Sweater Ornament Craft Kit

Handouts or Take Homes with a Winter Theme to Serve as Reminders of God

Church Bulletins

Other Handouts

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