BODY LIFE: Relating to One Another

God has given the Church His blueprint for building itself up which includes relating to one another in specific ways and everybody doing their part through the use of their spiritual gifts.

About the One Another Commands of Scripture

The Greek word for "one another", allelon, denotes a reciprocal and mutual work on the part of believers toward one another. It occurs 58 times in the New Testament, excluding the Gospels.
"Accept one another, then, just as Christ accepted you ..." (Rom. 15:7)
"Be devoted to one another in brotherly love." (Rom. 12:10a)

One Another Commands of Scripture
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Results of Relating to One Another According to these Body Life Commands

A church body that practices these commands experiences a meaningful dynamic deep caring concern for fellow believers characterized by the following: (Click on a link to learn more.)


These results of true body life fuel an anticipation. People actually look forward to coming together. It becomes a priority in their lives.
These results also provide a platform for evangelism. In a high-tech, low-touch world, people take notice when a group of people exhibit such loving relationships. It helps to produce a yearning within them for the same. God uses us to demonstrate Christ's love and grace in action.


In addition to this content, the Body Life Ministry Manual also contains:

  • a full list of the one another commands
  • a self-evaluation to reflect on how regularly you do your part to promote and practice these kinds of reciprocal relationships within the Body

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