Practical Outworking of the Church's Purpose

Example of Strategies the Early Church Practiced Fulfilling The Purpose to Love God & Others

Look at example of the early church strategies in Acts 2:42-47 as they sought to love God and to love people. Note that this New Testament Church "devoted themselves to" these activities.
They saw these strategies as more than good ideas or possible means of fulfilling God's purposes. Their practice was rooted in convictions that enabled total commitment. Without convictions it is too easy to get discouraged or distracted and to give up.

Purpose 1 - Love God
(Acts 2:42 - to the apostles teaching)
  --getting to know Him
(Acts 2:42 - breaking of bread, prayer; 2:42 - filled with awe; 2:47 - praising God)
  --putting Him first, acknowledging His work
(Acts 2:42 - prayer)
  --communicating and working in cooperation with Him
Purpose 2 - Love People
(Acts 2:42 - fellowship, breaking bread; 2:46 - meeting together)
  --getting to know fellow believers
(Acts 2:44-45 - gave to anyone in need)
  --participating in God's work of meeting people's needs
(Acts 2:47 - favor of all the people, Lord added those being saved)
  --helping others get to know Him and put Him first


(Clicking on the link in each of the above points will take you to teaching on that activity.)

The practical outworking of God's purposes become the strategies of the church -- objectives that must be kept in balance. We cannot be lopsided or emphasize one to the exclusion of others. If we love God, we must love people.

The Church Purpose Ministry Manual includes the above teaching along with a assessment tool to help you determine how balanced you are in the outworking of the church's purpose.

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