Leadership Ministry: Capacities of Serving

God has placed different types of leaders within His Church in accordance with spiritual gifts He has provided.
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In what capacity of leadership is each type of ministry leader best suited?

Following are some possibilities for how each type of leader might serve. While the lists are not exhaustive, they can give you some ideas of the capacities in which these leaders could find themselves.

Visionary Leaders:

  • church planting
  • almost any kind of new ministry initiative
  • overseer
  • steering committee

Administrative Leaders:

  • administrative or assistant pastor
  • chairman of a deacon or stewardship board
  • Christian Education (i.e., coordinators of the various ministries)
  • office manager
  • staff administrator
  • strategic planning committee

Shepherding Leaders:

  • elder
  • pastor of a church
  • small group leader

No matter in what capacity a leader serves, he/she will face challenges many of which will be unique to the type of leader he/she is. So, what are those challenges?

The Leadership Ministry Manual includes the content on this page plus more.

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