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Kinds of Leadership a Ministry Needs


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While the various ministries in our churches target different objectives and use different approaches, there are some essentials each needs if we’re going to experience balance, health, and growth. Different types of leaders are needed to meet all these needs.

What Almost Any Kind of Ministry Needs & The Kind of Leadership That Will Tend to Provide It

Almost any kind of ministry needs direction and development.

Visionary leaders are best at providing this kind of leadership.

Almost any kind of ministry needs planning and coordination of the programs and procedures.

Administrative leaders are best at providing this kind of leadership.

Almost any kind of ministry needs someone responsible for making sure the needs of its staff and people are attended to and met.

Shepherding leaders are best at providing this kind of leadership.

The balance, health, and growth of each ministry requires all types of leadership working in unity.

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In the next post we’ll ask, What Kind of Leader Are You?, with consideration given to spiritual gifting and personality most commonly found in these different types of leaders.

Balance, Health, and Growth Comes When All These Needs are Met

Balanced Church Leadership When Kinds of Leaders Work TogetherCheck out the Leadership Ministry Manual for how these different leaders affect church life in general.

Check out the Balance in Church Leadership Based on Spiritual Gifting resource for how they affect specific leadership tasks and responsibilities.

(These resources can be ordered separately by clicking on the links above or as the Balanced Church Leadership Bundle.)


4 Replies to “Kinds of Leadership a Ministry Needs”

  1. I just want to appreciate your posts. They have been so enlightening to me and my team in our ministry. It helped us to know more about our differences and position us well. Thank you

    • You are welcome, Faith. When we understand why we act and react differently as leaders, we can not only learn to accept one another better but also to work in a more united and coordinated way to the glory of God

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