Effective Prayer Ministry Requires Strategically Planning to Pray

Church leaders can pursue the relational aspect in prayer, understand its purpose, be impassioned, view prayer as a priority, know its power, adhere to scriptural principles, and make it a personal practice in their own lives, and still not have a praying local church body. Why? How can that be?

Reason for Prayerlessness Is Not for Lack of Tactics and Resources

Reason for
is not a lack
of tactics.

prayer calendars
prayer cards
prayer chains
prayer concerts
prayer groups/cells
prayer hotlines
prayer inserts
prayer journals
prayer letters
prayer lists
prayer meetings

prayer networks
prayer partners
prayer rallies
prayer retreats
prayer rooms
prayer stations
prayer summits
prayer support teams
prayer vigils/watches
prayer walks
prayer workshops

Reason for
is not a lack
of resources.

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Prayerlessness may be Due to a Lack of Strategically Planning to Pray

Notice the adjective before planning -- strategically. Having effective corporate prayer is not just a matter of scheduling some meetings or developing a program. To truly be a church of prayer is to engage in spiritual warfare. What nation would go into battle without carefully planning their strategy? To do so would undoubtedly lead to failure.

  • They assess their situation.
  • They train their troops.
  • They know the enemy and his tactics.
  • They have a chain of command.

The Prayer Ministry Manual expounds on each of the above points that should be a part of strategic planning for how they relate to planning for corporate prayer. It also includes a church-wide survey you are permitted to copy and use so you are able to strategically plan based on an assessment of where your people are in regard to prayer.

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