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If the Bible is Accurate, Then What?


Perception of Bible as Accurateprevious post listed results from a Barna report on how young people today view the Bible differently from other generations.  The second point was that they see it as . . . LESS ACCURATE.

The Inerrancy of Scripture:  total accuracy, no mistakes

If inerrant, then it becomes an absolute standard that can be considered reliable and trustworthy.

If some errors, then its words cannot be fully trusted and we have an excuse for not living by it.

Factors that Affect If People Believe the Bible is Accurate

What people believe about the Bible’s accuracy boils down to two factors:

1)  Our view of God:

Is God sovereign enough to use fallible human beings to get it right and to pass it on through the generations and countless translations in a form that maintains its integrity as God’s Word?

2)  Our view of man:

Is man capable of completely understanding Scripture?  Is it possible that man, in his finite state, simply can’t piece together the perceived inconsistencies?  Or, is man equal or superior to God in his ability to comprehend eternal matters, capable of judging its veracity?

If God is viewed as sovereign and man as limited in his ability to understand, then we step out in faith … not a blind faith, but a faith in a God who is all-knowing and all-powerful.

If God is viewed as limited and man as all-knowing, then we become skeptical and doubt that He can accurately communicate through His written Word.

Do you want to convince people that the Bible is accurate?

1)  Present to them a God who is sovereign.
2)  Help them gain a more accurate view of themselves.


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