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If the Bible is God’s Word, Then What?



Perception of Bible as God's Wordprevious post listed results from a Barna report on how young people today view the Bible differently from other generations.  The fifth point was that they have . . . LESS ENGAGEMENT.

If the Bible is God’s Word, then we should want to be reading and studying the Bible.

If the Bible is not God’s Word, then it doesn’t need to be a priority in our lives.

Failing to engage oneself with God’s Word betrays people’s true heart toward it.  Either they don’t believe it to be true or to be from God or they don’t understand its eternal benefit.  Previous posts looked at its sacredness, accuracy, uniqueness, and origins. Let’s therefore consider some of the benefits:

revives our souls (Ps. 19:7)
makes us wise  (Ps. 19:7)
gives us joy (Ps. 19:8)
helps us see clearly (Ps. 19:8)
prevents us from sinning  (Ps. 119:11)
equips us for good works (2 Tim. 3:16-17)

The reason Scripture is so powerful and life-changing is because of its source.  God-breathed words impart energy, strength, wisdom, joy, light, comfort, peace, grace, and so much more into our lives because HE is all these things.  It’s about Him!

Consistent Bible Engagement Won’t Happen Without the Right Motivation Growing Out of a Belief that it is God’s Word

Have we been communicating the right message of the Bible?

The Bible is about God and His desire to have a relationship with man.  Too often in preaching and teaching we make it about the stories or concepts.  We need to get beyond precepts to the Person.

Have we been communicating the right reason for them to engage?

Give a good reason to study:  not merely something they “should” do … to fulfill a duty, a spiritual discipline;  not merely to learn about the Bible  … to gain knowledge;  but a means of connecting with the living God who loves them and wants their best  … to nurture a relationship.

Have we been communicating the right outcome of engaging in God’s Word?

Will it merely lead to head knowledge or is there more to it?  Have we been showing the life impacting results of God’s Word?  It changes lives.  Here’s a workbook to help teachers work toward this goal:  Teaching for Changed Lives

The last point on the Barna Report is that young people do have a Bible appetite so let’s give them a reason to dig in.

Resources to help communicate how to study the Bible.


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