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Best Approach for Your Church’s Christian Education Program? – I Don’t Know!


I graduated from college with a B.S. in Bible Christian Education.  My Master’s Degree is in Christian Education.  I’ve served in the church’s Christian Education Ministry for many years and was even a Director of Christian Education at a church.  Yet, I don’t know the best approach for you!  Now, before you think I slept through school and didn’t do much of anything when working for a church, let me explain.

  1. There are various models for Christian Education ministry that can be used, each with pros and cons.
  2. There are many variables from church to church that could make certain models fit better at one church from the other.  Just as teachers must consider the group factors when determining the most appropriate method for a lesson, so must ministry leaders look at a variety of factors to determine what approach is best.
  3. There are varying results God might want to accomplish through different churches.  Decisions on what approach to use must therefore be born out of prayer.  Weighing the pros and cons for your situation won’t always bring you to God’s desires.  Sometimes God wants us to stretch outside of our comfort zones, doing what doesn’t always make sense to us humans, because of what He wants to do through our particular church body.

Best Approach: What Direction Does God Want Your Christian Education Ministry to Go?

When asked what is the best approach for your church’s Christian Education program, I must therefore say, “I don’t know.”  Even if I were to do an assessment of your church, though I could probably let you know what would best fit your situation, I would still guard against telling you that it is what you must do.  What I would strongly urge you to do, is to pray over it.  What direction does God want you to go?

If we arrive at our methodology purely based on logic or analytical thinking, then the Church may as well be any other kind of organization.  The Church, however, is different.  The Church is a living organism whose Head is the Lord Jesus Christ.  We must always remember that it is HIS church, not ours, so we must get the final decision from Him.


2 Replies to “Best Approach for Your Church’s Christian Education Program? – I Don’t Know!”

  1. I know that there are many ways to serve my church. Everything that one does must be guided and directed by God if the person needs the right direction. I want to serve my church in the department of christian education but I need to develop the knowledge and skills to relate to my people. I need to be developed more in the area of christian education. I have enjoyed reading your Website. Presently, I am studying to become a health educator but want to apply my knowledge and skills to the area of christian education. I hope I can find someone who could be my mentor.

    • How good that you wish to learn and grow and get involved in the Christian Education ministry of your church. I hope you found the section on the site about Christian Education to help lay some groundwork for you and also the Christian Education resources page that suggests additional resources. May God help you find someone to mentor you, perhaps a Christian Education director from a nearby church. While learning from articles on web sites, from books, and other resources like that can be quite beneficial, there is nothing like one-on-one with someone who can guide your from their firsthand experience as you ask questions and interact with them.

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