A Better Way to Do Church Ministry?

The Common Ways to Do Church Ministry:

Visit a church and it doesn’t take too long to determine the primary way they do ministry.  Observe, listen, ask questions, and you will learn what they view as important in church ministry.  Perhaps it will be:

  • providing quality ministry programs
  • using creative methodology and the latest technology
  • building attractive facilities
  • focusing on specific people groups or needs

All of the above are not wrong in themselves.  They can, however, become a problem  . . .

when a church relies on them, thinking that is what makes the difference.

when a church becomes narrow-focused because they are looking at ministry only through that lens.

when a church compares or competes with others using what they do as the grid against which they measure others.

The Better Way to Do Church Ministry:

Visit a church that primarily does ministry by purposefully and conscientiously lining up with God (His character, purposes, ways as depicted in His Word) and you might not be able to identify one particular way in which they do ministry.  That is because . . .

When a church relies on God rather than what they do, they stay more fluid, not getting locked into any one way of doing ministry.

When a church looks at ministry through the lens of who God is, they understand that God can’t be boxed in with certain programs, methodology, technology, facilities, and the like.

When a church measures what they do against God, they find little need to showcase themselves because what they do is God’s idea, not their own.

Let’s make sure church ministry isn’t simply about going with the flow, following the latest church fad, or doing what we think is best.  We need to line up with God, follow Him, and do what He thinks is best.

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