Ministry God’s Way


Serving God’s way means we

align with Him,
use His means,
and do it for His glory.

God provides the power and equipping resources to effectively serve Him through His Word, His Son, and His Spirit. When we look to God as both our Source and Sustenance in ministry, we accomplish all we do under God’s leading and power rather than leaning on our own understanding and efforts.

Key Elements of Doing Ministry God’s Way

Key Elements to Doing Ministry God's Way

The Ministry God’s Way Discipleship Tool Download begins with an overview of what it means to do ministry God’s way and how that makes serving about Him and not us, resulting in eternal results. The resource also includes three pages on each of the following elements, two pages answering some questions relevant to that element and the third page a Bible study about it. (Clicking on the links below will take you to blog articles about the elements.)

Ministry Alignment: Lining Up Ministry with God’s Character & Ways
Ministry Effectiveness: Measuring Ministry according to God’s Standards
Ministry Empowerment: Doing Ministry Through God’s Wisdom, Grace, & Power
Ministry Focus: Putting the Attention on God, Not Ourselves
Ministry Methodology: Trusting God, Not Our Programs & Strategies
Ministry Objectives: Aiming at What Matters to God
Ministry Perseverance: Being Sustained & Strengthened by God to Keep Serving
Ministry Qualities: Being God’s Servant
Ministry Recruitment: Getting the Person of God’s Choosing
Ministry Teamwork: Serving according to God’s Design
Ministry Training: Equipping God’s People

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