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Empowered by God for Ministry Through Spiritual Gifts

God empowers people for ministry by giving them spiritual gifts. While personality can also affect how the work is done, spiritual gifts are special divine empowerments, not natural talents or inclinations.

In serving, however, no matter what we do, we should put all of who we are into all of who God is and let Him use us to His glory.

Spiritual Gifts Most Used in Nuts and Bolts Ministries:

The following spiritual gifts empower people to do clerical, communications, facilities and grounds maintenance, hospitality, staff support, technical services, and other service-oriented types of ministry. We’re calling these Nuts & Bolts Ministries because of how they tend to hold church life together.

Helps (1 Cor. 12:28)

People with the spiritual gift of helps come alongside of others in ministry to provide relief from certain tasks that frees them up to do other responsibilities. As a result, the other person’s ministry is enhanced.

Hospitality (1 Pet. 4:9-10)

Someone with the spiritual gift of hospitality serves people, even strangers, in ways that are warm and welcoming. As a result, people feel comfortable and like they belong.

Service (Rom. 12:7)

People with the spiritual gift of service tend to notice tasks that need to be done and do what they can, however simple or menial. As a result, undone tasks are seen through to completion.

The following gift might also be used when organizing, coordination, and planning are needed and not simply doing a task.

Administration (1 Cor. 12:28)

People with the spiritual gift of administration provide the guidance needed to accomplish tasks. They might do some of the tasks themselves but might also delegate responsibilities to others. As a result, these ministries are done in an efficient manner, most effectively using available resources.

Empowered by God through Spiritual Gifts

When we understand that spiritual gifts are special divine empowerments and that God has specific gifts to use in these kinds of Nuts & Bolts ministries, it should help us:

  • View these kinds of services as ministry.
  • Value those who do these kinds of ministries.
  • Recruit so appropriately gifted people are in these kinds of nuts and bolts ministries.

The Nuts and Bolts Ministry Manual contains the content in this post and also looks at how different personality traits fit into the mix of who can or should serve in these types of ministries.



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