I Know Some Servants … with the Spiritual Gift of Helps

The Spiritual Gift of Helps Defined

to render support or assistance to others in the body so as to free them up for ministry

Servant #1:  He was always there, it seemed, to lend a helping hand.  His primary responsibility was to run the sound system during the worship service but if someone needed an errand to be run, he would do it.  If people needed help carrying in equipment or supplies from their car, he would be the first to help.  He didn’t need to be asked.  It was as though he could sense what needed to be done and did it.  Everyone appreciated him so much.

Servant #2:  She knew God called me to teach and through the years has willingly stepped in to help in various ways.  Back in the days before PowerPoint and before you could print nice transparencies directly from the computer, she would do all the printing for me since she had a nicer handwriting.  She would help with other visuals as well.  Now she volunteers her time to proof read web pages and resources.  On occasion she would accompany me to seminars and sit at the book table so I would be free to mingle with the people.  I have continually thanked God for this servant.

Both of these servants were eager to come to the assistance of others in ministry.  Whether a teacher’s helper, administrative assistant, or someone who lends a hand in other ways to people in ministry, these servants prove to be invaluable.

Lesson to Be Learned:

As leaders or teachers, let’s not feel like we need to do the work on our own.  God has gifted people to come alongside of us to assist in ways that can enhance our ministry, free us up to do other things, and often make us look better.  Let’s guard against taking all the credit and show our gratitude to God by extending appreciation to these servants.

14 Replies to “I Know Some Servants … with the Spiritual Gift of Helps”

    • Good question, Becky. Some people do combine the two, viewing them as one gift because they are so similar. By looking at the original language, I see a distinction between the two. Two different Greek words are used in the New Testament. Helps is ‘antilempsis’ which signifies relief or support or to partake. Service is ‘diakonia’ which is the same word used for deacon and signifies ministry. Since Scripture distinguishes between the two, I would be inclined to say they are two different gifts. Here’s how I interpret it: The gift of helps would always be used in ways that come along side or partake in the ministry of another in ways that provide support or relief. The gift of service could be used in this way but not always. It is more often used to accomplish tasks that need to be done simply because they need to be done not necessarily to assist or relieve someone else of their load.

      I hope these thoughts help. The key is that you are using your gifts, whatever they may be called, however they may be defined.

  1. I believe this is one of my spiritual gifts, as I have a natural ability for administrative, support-type work. But I don’t necessarily enjoy doing it. I do it sacrificially for church (take minutes for council and create PPT’s for sermons and hymns every Sunday), but I am not fulfilled by the work. Does that mean it is not my central spiritual gift?

    • Nic, as a general observation, I would say that usually people find enjoyment when they use their spiritual gifts and usually have a sense of fulfillment in it. Obviously since I do not know you, I can’t say for sure why this is not the case for you so I will offer a few possibilities.
      1) You might be operating out of natural ability (personality, training, conditioning) rather than being spiritually gifted this way. Perhaps it is not your gift.
      2) You might have the spiritual gift but are using it in ways that don’t fit the rest of you. Our best fit comes when all of who we are goes into how we serve … our personality, passions, walk with God, experience, and spiritual gifts. There might be a better way for you to use this gift.
      3) You might have the gift but, as you suggested, it might be more secondary in natural. Other gifts might be stronger within you. When that is the case, the secondary gifts should more so flavor what we do and not determine the prime emphasis in how we serve. It would be a component but not the sole or main way we serve.

      To be sure, there are times we should serve sacrificially, doing things that are inconvenient or that we do not enjoy, even doing ministry for which we are not gifted. Usually, however, when we operate in the Spirit using our spiritual gifts, even when it is inconvenient, we still find a sense of fulfillment in it.

  2. God told me clear i was born 2 help what does that mean? Based on my understanding i was involved in taking care of d sound system d leader say my weak nd thought 2 make me a pastor i refuse did i do wrong?

    • Hello, Peter. I can only respond based on spiritual gifting, not the will of God for your specific life. Decisions about how we serve need to be enveloped in prayer. If you have the gift of helps and/or service, taking care of a sound system could well fit these gifts. Usually someone with the gift of helps is not a primary leader. Someone with the gift of helps tends to do ministry that supports other ministry workers or leaders so as to free them up to more effectively serve. Someone with the gifts of service similarly could do these kinds of tasks but they are not so much doing it to assist others but simply because the work needs to get done. Helping others is a worthy calling and should not be thought of as weakness. This kind of ministry is very much needed in the church. Many a successful leader has at least one person behind them with the gift of helps that enables them lead more effectively.

      God has given each believer a spiritual gift(s) that helps determine where He wants us to serve. It is a matter of lining up with Him. The best way to serve is where God has empowered you, by gifting, to serve.

  3. Sorry there was an error in d spelling. I mean 2 say d leader saw my zeal and thought 2 make me a pastor.but my passion is not on d pulpit.

    • Much of what I wrote previously would still apply. Unless the gift of helps and/or service is accompanied by the gifts of exhortation, prophecy, or teaching (the speaking gifts), you would not be drawn in the pulpit direction. The gifts of helps and service are more task-oriented, behind-the-scenes types of gifts than upfront, speaking gifts.

      As to zeal — There are many ways to share our zeal. It would exude in whatever you do and be a blessing to others. Colossians 3:17 says “And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.” Verse 23 says “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart …”

  4. Thank you, i’ve learnt a lot.may God continue to feed you and teach you.

  5. I not only have the gift to help but of service. I’ve had this since I was a small child and I can’t let it go or choose not to I’m not sure what yet but it makes me completely fulfilled to help others and serve my Lord. I couldn’t imagine living any other way.

    • Praise God for the fulfillment you find in serving the Lord in accordance with your spiritual gifts. When we serve according to God’s design and special empowerment in our lives, it makes such a difference!

  6. Hello. I believe the LORD has revealed to me that I have the gift of helps. I’ve always been compelled to assist in whatever way I can to make it easier on whomsoever I’m dealing with & it’s been evident that I have been able to walk out hard circumstances with people. My question is in knowing this now how do I appropriate & grow in this gift?

    • Yes, Keisha, from what you described it does sound like you may have the spiritual gift of helps, possibly even some of the gift of mercy. While reading what you can about it, like this post, can be beneficial, I believe the best way to grow in our giftedness is to put ourselves in situations that would give opportunity to use the gift. You’ll find some suggestions for ways to use the different gifts at: Ministry Areas Using Your Spiritual Gifts Also, this is where the Body of Christ can help spur us on (Heb. 10:24). Seek the input of others when you use your gift(s). Ask them to be honest with you about the effect of your ministry and what you still need to learn. Perhaps you may want to ask some people to pray for/with you as you seek to learn and grow in it.