God Gets Practical

Self-help books and seminars may have a place but so often take a humanistic path void of divine intervention. The Christian life, however, centers around what God does for us, not what we do for ourselves. — “I can do all this through him who gives me strength.” (Phil. 4:13)

God already provided The Book, His Word, that contains practical solutions for issues we still experience today along with the power we need to apply these truths to our lives. While “all Scripture” is intended to be “useful” (2 Tim. 3:16-17), we’re going to zero in on just one small book in the Bible to demonstrate how practical God gets — the Book of Philippians.

Practical Issues in the Book of Philippians

Outline the Book of Philippians and in just four chapters you will find the following practical issues we face in our daily lives as individuals and as a church today:

  • becoming more other-centered (1:1-11)
  • learning to better cope and deal with circumstances (1:12-26)
  • maintaining unity (1:27-2:11)
  • living a life of obedience to God (2:12-18)
  • serving wholeheartedly (2:19-30)
  • setting priorities (3:1-14)
  • getting an attitude adjustment (3:15-4:1)
  • experiencing peace (4:1-9)
  • being content (4:10-19)
  • praising God & embracing one another (4:20-23)

Imagine the difference in our lives if we took the help He offers to deal with these issues!

Practical Issues in the Book of PhilippiansIf you haven’t read through Philippians lately, perhaps this is a good time to do so. Maybe you would find it useful to study it with a small group. You can order the Practical Issues in the Book of Philippians Discussion Guides which follows the above outline. You are permitted to copy the guides which contain questions to discuss.

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  1. These are great tips for leading a more practical life for God. Whether it’s Private Wealth Management or taking care of our family, it’s important to have priorities and unity. The Philippians sounds like a great read!

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