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Because of the Way God Made Us


Genesis Creation Account of How God Made Us
The beginning chapters of Genesis teach us so much about our wise, powerful, and creative God who made the heavens and earth. We can also learn a good bit about the people He created. We would do well to apply these lessons to ministry and any kind of relating we have with people. It only makes sense that we do that which lines up with how God made us.

How God Made Us

Here’s what we can learn about how God made people:

  1. He made us as physical beings.
  2. He made us as significant, superior beings.
  3. He made us as social beings.
  4. He made us as beings that have purpose.
  5. He made us as beings that can make choices.

Click on the above links to look at each of these points and consider the implications for ministry.

Difference It Makes in Ministry Whether or Not We Truly Believe God Created Us

If we don’t take the creation chapters in Genesis seriously, we’ll have problems in ministry. If we don’t believe God created us …

  • we won’t see the need to line up with how Scripture portrays people.
  • we won’t place the value He does on each individual human being.
  • we won’t sense an accountability to Him for how we treat others.

When we do, however, hold to the veracity of the creation account, we have perspective in ministry. We better understand that …

  • we should reach and teach in ways that align with how God made people.
  • we should treat people with dignity and respect as those made in the image of God.
  • we should grasp that how we treat others matters to God.

Please Note: The intent of this series is not to debate the creation account. Should you have questions or doubts, please take time to look at the resources under the ‘Evolution’ tab at: Ministry Resources: Life Issues


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