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Halloween Disagreements – Alternatives or Totally Reject?


Christians vary in their perspective and approach to Halloween.  Some simply join in with the festivities associated with this holiday while others argue that we should totally reject any kind of celebration. Halloween disagreements can be heated on both sides of the spectrum with some taking a middle stance, suggesting we provide alternatives.

This blog post is not to sway people’s opinions but rather to suggest a biblical approach to those who disagree with your stance, whatever that may be. I have observed Christians from both ends of the spectrum being quite judgmental of other Christians because of their view on Halloween.

What to Do About Halloween Disagreements:

Here are some questions to ask yourself that grow out of principles in Romans 14-15.

  1. Are you able to listen to the other person or do you pass judgment before you even know where they are coming from? (Rom. 14:1)
  2. Are you sensitive and loving to those who are not in the same place as you, being careful not to turn them off to the things of God because of your reaction? (Rom. 14:2-3, 13-15)
  3. Are you remembering that the person is accountable to God, not you?  (Rom. 14:4-12)
  4. Are you remembering that you are accountable to God for your reactions and responses and their effect on others?  (Rom. 14:15-16, 21-23)
  5. Are you focusing on what matters most in the Christian life, getting to the heart of the matter, or are you getting caught up in non-essentials?  (Rom. 14:17-18)
  6. Are you seeking peace with the other person or out to win an argument even if it means tearing down the other person?  (Rom. 14:19-20)
  7. Are you dialoging in a way that builds up the other person or are you just out to prove your point?  (Rom. 14:19-20; 15:1-2)
  8. Are you demonstrating an acceptance of the person even though you disagree with their position? (Rom. 15:7)
  9. Is your ultimate goal glorifying God?  (Rom. 15:7)

It’s okay to take a stance on Halloween and to dialogue with others about it, but let’s do it in ways that honor God and respect other people.


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