Hindrances to Worship

We acknowledge that God certainly is deserving of praise but sometimes we struggle to make worship a priority or reality in our lives.  We have access to much teaching and writing on worship, plenty of worship resources, to help us.  Yet, we still at times fail to worship “in spirit and in truth” as Jesus said of true worshipers in John 4:24.

The Truth About Worship Discussions

Why don’t we always worship as we should?

The Truth About Worship Discussion Guide looks at some possible hindrances which I will list here:

  1. Self – my own needs, conveniences, time, advantage, blessing, etc. come above God
  2. Concept of God – either physical or mental misrepresentation of God
  3. False Gods – anything that would pull you away from worshiping the one true God
  4. Our Culture – the influence of the world around us
  5. Service – being so busy ministering that we neglect God
  6. Irreconciled Relationships – relationships where there is mistreatment or lack of forgiveness
  7. Traditions – self-styled worship rather than God’s method
  8. Worship “Props” – those forms, styles, facilities, or people which aid us in worship

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want these hindrances to block me from truly worshiping.  God is so worthy of my complete and undistracted devotion and love expressed through worship!

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