Intercessory Types of Spiritual Gifts

Within the Church we need people who believe God can move mountains, that He can do that which is seemingly impossible. These people spur others on to trusting God for great things, often taking us out of our comfort zones and shaking up our status quo. They often have one of the following gifts. Click on the gifts to learn where these gifts are listed in Scripture and possible definitions. (Use the browser’s back button to return to this post.)

Intercessory Types of Spiritual Giftsfaith

These gifts come with a persuasion that God is all-powerful. Consequently, people with the above spiritual gifts usually spend much time in prayer asking God to accomplish that which He is able to do.

These gifts are therefore being grouped together as intercessory types of spiritual gifts. The focus of prayer is that which could distinguish the gifts from each other.

faith –

persuaded that God can fulfil His promises; prayers are more for God’s will to be done based on who He is and what He has said He would do

healings –

persuaded that God can make people whole whether that be physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually; prayers are more for restoration

miracles –

persuaded that God can do that which is humanly impossible; prayers are more for the extraordinary

While these are fine lines of distinction, all requiring deep conviction of what God can do, they are all gifts that require the person to constantly seek after God, interceding for Him to move in certain ways.

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