Resources for Prayer Ministry

Do we really believe in the all-sufficiency of God's power and grace? Do we really believe He is a sovereign and faithful God? Do we really believe He is great enough to work in any kind of situation? If so, then we will pray. Here are resources on prayer to encourage prayerful living.

Click on a tab below to view a list of resources related about prayer as well as strategies and tools for praying.

Many of the links below will take you to articles on other sites or to one of our affiliate stores. While seeking to choose sites and books that are doctrinally sound the Ministry Tools Resource Center makes no claim to total endorsement of any listing. Links to other sites will open in a new page to allow you to keep the list available to look at additional prayer ministry resources.


General Info About Prayer

Pray Because . . - Reasons for Praying

Pray For . . .


Church & Ministry

Leaders (church, government)


Persecuted Believers





Prayer & God's Word

Praying & Revival


Children & Teens Learn to Pray

Couples, Parents & Families Pray Together

Men Who Pray

Pastors, Ministry Leaders & Workers All Need to Pray

Women Who Pray


General Info on Prayer Strategies

Corporate - Group Prayer Meetings

Day of Prayer

Fasting & Praying

Leading in Prayer

Personal Prayer

Prayer Chains

Prayer Groups / Prayer Cells

Prayer Partners

Prayer Rooms



Curriculum & Bible Studies about Praying

Misc. Prayer Tools & Resources

Organizations for Prayer Ministry

Patterns to Help Us Learn How to Pray


Confession - praying for forgiveness

Intercession - praying for others

Petitions/Supplication - praying for needs

Praise & Thanksgiving - praying that worships and honors God

May we realize how powerful and effective prayer truly is as we have an Almighty God who both hears and answers. Use these prayer resources to learn more but get beyond mere learning and talking about prayer to actual praying.

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