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Leaders & Change Management

Types of Church Leaders
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Read through the Leadership Ministry Training on this site and you will find three types of leaders based on their spiritual gifts. Some leaders could have more than one of the typical leadership gifts — leadership, administration, pastor — or other gifts or personality traits that affect the way they function as leaders. Consequently not all leaders will fit into these categories exactly. But, for where they do, or where they come close to being that kind of leader, we can suggest how they might respond in different situations …
… like change in the church.

Visionary Leaders (gift of leadership) are the change makers.

They are governed by the need to propel the ministry forward.

Their top concern is what change is needed in order to grow.

Administrative Leaders (gift of administration) are the change implementers.

They are governed by the need for a plan and procedure to best accomplish change.

Their top concern is how to most efficiently implement the change.

Shepherding Leaders (gift of pastor) are the change navigators.

They are governed by the need to protect the people who will be affected by change.

Their top concern is how to help people cope with and navigate through the change.

As you can see, all three types of leaders are instrumental to a healthy change process because they each focus on different aspects of change.

Change Management is one of the 15 leadership responsibilities found in the Balance in Church Leadership Based on Spiritual Gifting resource. In addition to the points made in this post, you’ll learn what’s needed for each of these leaders to overcome challenges to bring greater balance into the change process.

For more on Change Management:  Church Leaders Practicum on Change


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