Ministry Fairs: Ideas – What to Include

Ministry FairsMinistry Fairs usually consist of display booths, tables, or stations of some kind in a large room or different rooms to showcase the various church ministries and present opportunities for serving within them as well as a general representation of the church’s ministry philosophy.

Ideas for what to include in a ministry fair:

People – greeters to welcome and guide people on where to go; ministry leaders and workers in the various ministries who are available to chat and answer questions

Pictures – still pictures of the ministry, current workers, resources used in the ministry (collage, posters, display board, flip through album on the table, appreciation wall of current workers)

Play – hands-on, interactive, and fun ways of learning about the ministries (trivia and other types of games – especially good to keep children engaged but adults often enjoy them too, door prizes, festive decor, music, crafts for kids, puppets or dressed up characters that mingle, etc.)

Prayer – availability of a place and/or people to pray about how God might want them involved and/or to pray for the different ministries; take-home cards/sheets with prayer requests from the various ministries

Printed – information about the ministry (info cards, fact sheets, handouts, brochures, flyers that include a contact person), ministry descriptions, contact cards for follow-up

Projected – PowerPoint presentation about the ministry or a video of the ministry in progress (project on wall, screen, TV, computer)

Program – short opening or closing program, mini-workshops put on by various ministries, brief skit

Props  –  show real or symbolic representations of that which pertains to the ministry; curriculum or other resources used in the ministry

Provisions – promotional items, refreshments, beverages  (available at display tables or a cafe set-up)

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  1. Looking for lots of great ideas for the first ministry fair at our parish. Planning this for a spring of 2018 event.

    • Hello, Richard Elliott. If you first develop a theme for your ministry fair, you should be able to then work through each of the ideas listed in this post to come up with a coordinated presentation in how you promote it, set up displays, decorate, etc.

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