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Ministry Objective: Not Mere External Conformity


Ministry Objective Not Mere External ConformityAttentiveness to God’s Word
Commitment where it Counts
Participation in Serving
Growth and Usefulness in Life

Do these phrases characterize you?  Do they describe the people to whom and with whom you minister?  Do they portray the dynamic of your church body? If it’s what you want to see, then your ministry objective needs to go beyond mere external conformity to making it about the heart.

Why Our Ministry Objective Needs to be about Heart Transformation, Not Mere External Conformity

Spiritual life and fruitfulness is a result of abiding in the Lord Jesus (Jn. 15:5).  If you want to see people, yourself included, attentive to God’s Word, committed to the right things, participating in service, and growing and being useful to the kingdom, then you need to keep the focus on what is happening in the heart, in one’s relationship with the Lord.

Too often we seek to change behavior without heart change.  It is little wonder that people’s attentiveness seems so short, that their commitment grows cold, that their serving is minimal, that their growth becomes stunted, and that their impact is barely felt.

The heart is the “wellspring of life” according to Proverbs 4:23.  If the heart does not have an increasing Godward-orientation, its resources will be like a shallow or dried up well.

Your ministry objective needs to be heart change, not mere external conformity.  Don’t expect much out of yourself or others if external conformity without internal change is all there is.

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