Ministry Objective: Not Mere Management

Ministry Objectives Not Mere Management
In leadership we work with ideas, schedules, strategies, finances, and people.  We could easily get caught up in managing it all, making sure we have a smooth running program.

In teaching we have a lesson plan to accomplish.  We could easily set our goal on having a perfect class which requires good classroom management.

In outreach we want to see people come into the kingdom.  We could easily focus on being at the right places, saying all the right things, and doing what is necessary to win people for Christ which requires us to manage our time, tongue, and talents wisely to accomplish results.

When excellence, efficiency, and efficacy become our overriding goals, we can lose sight of the real reason we should be doing what we do, our overriding purpose … loving people which spills out of our love for God.  When that happens,

  • Problems become obstacles to surmount rather than opportunities to help people grow.
  • The end tends to justify the means and we lose integrity in the process or walk on people to get where we want to be.

Your ministry objective needs to be loving people, not managing them.

We shoot for excellence to get people’s attention and to adequately provide for their needs.   We strive for efficiency so we have more time to focus on people.  We want efficacy not so we can gloat in numbers or other results but rather to rejoice that people have come to know the Lord and are growing in their relationship with Him.

According to 1 Corinthians 13:1-3, it doesn’t matter how well you do something or how spectacular the results are, if you have not love …. You finish it:  What do you have?  Really, what do you have?

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  1. The materials are very useful for individual and spiritual growth of the church. Keep it up and may God bless your ministry for his kingdom.

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