Will the Summer Slump Lead to a Frazzled Fall?

Summer tends to be slower with orders here at Ministry Tools Resource Center.   Then, all of the sudden sometime around mid to late August orders start to peak to some of their highest levels … as though all of the sudden the reality of the fall being upon us has hit and materials are needed right away.

It’s been that way since beginning this ministry in 1999.  Because it is an equipping ministry dealing with on-going church life, this ministry tends to ebb and flow with the church calendar.

Due to vacationing members and resultant attendance fluctuation, some churches only do the minimum during the summer months and so they don’t think about church life as much.  Ministry leaders also often take their vacations during the summer months and try to spend more time with the family.

A good number of churches are pouring their time and energy into Vacation Bible School or summer camping programs and so their primary focus tends to be off of the normal ministry flow.

I would like to encourage you to enjoy the summer but also to remember to work ahead to fall ministry needs  — curriculum, small groups, recruiting, teacher training and other ministry training, etc.

  1. Spend time in prayer for God’s wisdom in planning and preparing for His desires to be accomplished.
  2. Take time to evaluate and peruse curriculum and training materials in light of the answers you got when you did the above number one suggestion … and get them ordered and ready to go.
  3. Start recruiting for the fall before the end of the summer.  Give people time to pray and prepare their hearts for the upstart of fall ministries.
  4. Distribute materials and inform people of schedules early enough so they aren’t left wandering and frustrated about their responsibilities come the fall.

Why go into the fall frazzled because of last minute preparations?  Use the summer slump to prayerfully work ahead in a relaxed frame of mind.

Of course I realize that some of you do prepare well in advance.  I’ve seen a few orders come through for the Christmas curriculum in the early spring already.  And some of you are now getting ready for the fall/winter ministries.  But, I do believe there are also many out there for whom the summer slump will lead to a frazzled fall if they don’t soon start preparing.

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