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Reading the Bible the Whole Way Through


Have you ever read through the Bible in its entirety? Reading the Bible the whole way through can seem like a daunting task but it doesn’t have to be if you are doing it for the right reasons and if you have a good plan.

Why Read the Bible in Its Entirety

Our reason for reading needs to be about more than saying we read through the whole Bible. Aim at the difference it can make in your understanding of God’s character and ways which in the long run should yield greater trust and love for Him.

Getting a handle on the whole counsel of God helps us understand some of the harder passages. It gives a context in which to figure things out. Scripture must reconcile with the whole of Scripture.

Getting an idea of God’s big picture helps us gain perspective for the here and now as well as for the end times.

Getting a broad perspective of who God is and how He works helps us trust God more even when we don’t understand what is happening because we see through the pages of Scripture how He is a sovereign and faithful God.

Personal Testimony About Reading the Bible the Whole Way Through

Some people use a plan that guides them through reading the Bible in one year (link goes to affiliate store). While that approach has merit, I personally vary the ways I read through the whole Bible. I usually don’t give myself a time limit but rather simply go at a comfortable pace and get done when I get done because my objective is more than simply reading through the Bible. Some methods have taken me a few years to make it through but it has been well worth it. Here is what I’ve done some of the different times I’ve read through the Bible:

  • developed outlines as I went through the Bible
  • recorded everything that showed God and man communicating (prayer)
  • marked all passages that pointed to Jesus
  • determined what character of God it depicted
  • profiled the various Bible characters as I came to them
  • more diligently prayed over what I read than usual
  • underlined key verses for the passages I read each day
  • purchased a chronological Bible and simply read it in the order provided based on dates the various books were written (link goes to affiliate store)

By changing the way I read through the Word each time, it doesn’t grow old to me and God has used some of the results in providing substance for materials on the web site and in seminars. I didn’t read through the Bible for that purpose. I read it because of my relationship with God, to learn more about Him and consequently build my love for and faith in Him but He uses it in various ways.

What’s Your Plan for Reading Through the Whole Bible?

If you’ve never read through the entire Bible, or if it’s been a long time since you did, consider doing so for the purposes listed above. Make it your goal to get beyond mere words to encountering its Author. Ask God to use it to refresh your soul, to make you wise, to find joy in Him because of it, and to light your way (Ps. 19:7-8).

New to Bible Reading and Want to Read the Whole Bible
If you’re new to Bible reading, rarely or perhaps never have read it on your own, starting from the beginning and going through to the end may not be the best plan for you. Check out the New to Bible Reading Discipleship Tool for help understanding Scripture’s big picture and find a reading plan that helps you see that before venturing out on reading the Word from cover to cover.


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  1. I have read through the Bible and journaled in my Bible as I went with comments on the the verses as God impressed them on my heart. I am currently reading through the NT and it helps to see the big picture that Scripture has to offer.

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