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Teacher Training: You Need to be Challenged


Teachers Need to be Challenged in Teacher Training
Having worked in church positions responsible for training teachers, I know how easy it is to get into a rut.  Contributing factors include:

  • convention – what we’ve always done
  • comfort – what fits my learning style or personality
  • convenience – what fits my busy schedule

To keep from getting into, or staying in, a teacher training rut, I needed to constantly put myself in places where I would be challenged — getting into God’s Word and letting His Spirit prod me, reading books, attending training sessions myself, networking with others, finding a prayer partner, taking time to listen to the teachers, etc.

Challenged in Means of Providing Bible Teachers Training

As I allowed myself to be stretched, I was in a better position to equip others.  I learned that:

  1. One size does not fit all.  Doing training the same way it’s always been done is bound to miss meeting the true needs of the teachers. Cookie cutter approaches do little to tailor training to them, thus missing true needs.
  1. It is not all about me.  Each person on the teaching staff also had their own preferred ways of learning due to learning styles and personalities.
  1. Some things are worth the extra time and effort.  Having well-equipped teachers makes such a difference for eternity as they more effectively invest into the lives of their students.

Out of these challenges comes the need for variety in how teacher training is done.

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