Teacher Training: You Need a Plan

I’ve worked full-time in a church as a Director of Christian Education.  I know the many details to which someone in this position must attend.  I served as a volunteer leader of Sunday School and have directed Vacation Bible School.  I know what it is like to juggle work and family responsibilities with all there is to do in directing a Sunday School program or VBS.

Out of that background, of having served in the educational ministry of a church in both paid and volunteer positions, I have drawn this conclusion about teacher training:  You need a plan!

Both full-time staff and volunteer leaders are busy.  Other week to week responsibilities can quickly consume your time, etching out a long-range effort of equipping teachers.  Developing a plan will put teacher training on your schedule of important tasks not to be overlooked.

The people you recruit are at varying places in Bible knowledge, teaching experience, and skills that need to be honed.  Because you are so busy, it is all too easy to settle for a one-size-fits all approach to teacher training.  Developing a plan will increase the likelihood of providing training tailored to individual teachers.

The people you recruit are also busy.  To include training into their hectic schedules, they need sufficiently advanced notice of these expectations and they need to feel it is worth their time.  Developing a training plan will communicate the worth you place on equipping and will enable you to avoid last minute notifications.  You will be able to share training opportunities when recruiting so people know what to expect.

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