Ways to Use Spiritual Gifts Outside of Church Walls

Stewards of Spiritual Gifts Even Outside Church Building

Being a faithful steward of the spiritual gifts God has given, begins with using them. Determining how to use them in what have long been ministries within the Church tends to be more obvious than using them in ways we’re not accustomed to, like outside the walls of the church building.

Determining How to Use Your Spiritual Gifts Outside of Church Walls

Since Romans 12 was referenced in the previous post, we’ll consider how the seven gifts listed in that passage might be used to either serve the Church remotely or to serve the community.

For each of the gifts listed below, you’ll find the main issue to think about in looking for a way to serve. The suggestions given by no means represent all that can be done. The possibilities could depend on your specific situation, passions of your heart, available resources, and the like. Take time to pray about how God would have you use the spiritual gifts He’s given you.

1) prophesy

Think of platforms that can be used to speak up about what’s biblically right, to help people know what God, in accordance with His Word, expects of them.

  • spoken: podcast, online video message
  • written: blog, newsletter articles

2) service

Think of tasks that need to be accomplished, no matter how menial they might seem.

  • done remotely for your church: record keeping, website, live streaming and other clerical or communications tasks
  • in your community: provide meals or transportation, yard work or other maintenance needs

3) teaching

Think of platforms for a more logical, systematic approach to communicating God’s Word.

  • develop Bible studies to distribute through paper or digital means
  • write teaching or training blog posts
  • teach an online Bible study using some kind of video platform
  • do a podcast

4) exhortation

Think of ways to come alongside of people with words that build them up.

Providing encouraging words, counsel, devotional thoughts, or some kind of discipleship efforts can be done through various means:

  • written: notes, cards
  • digital: eCards, social media, e-mail, newsletter, blog
  • verbal: video chat, one-on-one, phone contact

5) giving

Think of people or ministries in need of financial assistance or other resources.

  • give directly: to ministries or your local church to meet ongoing needs, to individuals in need
  • provide other needed resources: food, clothes, and other supplies

6) leadership

Think of ministry that needs to be accomplished that can use some oversight to establish goals and develop a vision for accomplishing those goals.

  • development of new ways to do normal ministry that fit the circumstances
  • brand new ministry initiatives

7) mercy

Think of those who are the vulnerable in our churches or society (i.e., elderly, disabled, poor, sick) with needs to be met.

  • transportation
  • food/clothes distribution
  • financial assistance
  • provide meals
  • visit

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