Body Life Seminars

Phyllis Kline, writer of the Body Life material on this site, may on occasion be available to come to your church, conference, or Bible Institute to teach your group about God's design for the Body of Christ.


seminar on body life     God's Design for    seminar on body life: God's design for building the body
Building the Body


In the busyness of life, the church needs to be called back to relationship. A course such as this can be a starting point for your people to experience anew the "one-another" commands of Scripture. They will learn what it means to be connected and unified in the body of Christ. They will be challenged to live that out practically by
                                                          and building up "one another."

8 - 13 hour course: Recommended for optimal coverage, this course will take an in-depth look at many of the one-another commands of Scripture.

1 - 2 hour session: Any of the individual one-another commands may be presented as a session in itself.

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