Spiritual Gifts Seminars

SEMINAR: Finding Your Best Fit in Ministry

Recruiting workers seems to get harder as the years go by.  People are just so busy.  Since there is a limit on the time people are willing to serve, we need to encourage maximum effectiveness.

Knowing how we are gifted helps us know what to do, but blending in our heart's passion, personality, and experience to come up with a ministry profile shows us just where to plug in for maximum effectiveness.

Phyllis will help your people find their best fit in ministry among all the clutter of their lives.

6-8 hour course: Recommended for optimal coverage, this course will include the following topics:

  • God's Design for the Body
  • Use, Disuse, Misuse or Abuse?
  • What is a Spiritual Gift?
  • God's Purpose for Me
  • Look at the Possibilities
  • Balance & Effectiveness in Serving
  • Look at the Whole Person
  • Plugging Into Ministry

By the end of these sessions, participants will have completed a basic ministry profile for themselves. A more comprehensive profile professionally analyzed can be done rather than the basic profile for a minimal cost per student. If the course is offered as a series over the span of eight weeks, completed profiles will normally be distributed during the last session. If the course is an all day or weekend seminar, profiles will be returned by mail.

2 hour course: This session will encourage people to do their part with the majority of time spent helping them get an idea of what their ministry profile may be. A very basic profile will be developed.

1 hour session: Any of the topics listed above under the 6-8 hour course may be presented by themselves. Ministry profiles will not be developed.

PLEASE NOTE: Seminars currently are not being scheduled.

The Alternative:

Use the 'Everybody Has A Part' material from Ministry Tools Resource Center. Click below to learn about The MAX Pak. (This material differs from what is presented in the seminars but provides a good alternative.)

MAX Pak - Spiritual Gifts Curriculum
The MAX Pak
Spiritual Gifts Curriculum


Or, provide the Finding Your Best Fit in Ministry Book for people to work through it on their own or in a small group.

Finding Your Best Fit in Ministry Book
Finding Your Best Fit
in Ministry Book

Other seminar topics include: