Spiritual Growth Seminars

SEMINAR: Walk the Walk Even When It Hurts

Length: 7 hours
God's desire is that His people walk the walk even when it hurts. Nowhere in Scripture do we read that Christians will be exempt from pain and suffering. Rather, God's Word presents a realistic view of life -- you will have troubles. In this course we will see how the Shepherd of our souls provides us with all that is needed to cross through the valleys of our lives. As we grab hold of His resources and apply His solutions, we will eventually find hope, comfort, and healing in even the darkest of trials.

SEMINAR: Finding God Amidst the Clutter

Length: 4 - 7 hours
Does busyness, emotional baggage, sin, or the influences of the world clutter your life? Both what we do and what we must deal with can get us distracted from whole-hearted devotion to God. Finding God in the midst of all the clutter is not always easy because everything else seems to cry louder for our attention. Not knowing where to begin can immobilize us from even trying. In this class we will identify God's objectives for us and chart a course for getting there. We will grasp hold of what we need in order to keep God first so we do not become bankrupt from inconsistency. We will learn to counteract our tendency to forget God when our world spins out of control so we will not be crippled with ineffectiveness for God. And, we will work at mastering strategic thinking that will keep us from burning out under kindling pressure and feverish activity.

SEMINAR: Reaching Our Potential In Christ

Length: 6 - 13 hours

In Christ we stand complete. All we need for life and godliness is ours. Why then, do we struggle so with the lure of this world and our own sin nature? How do we bridge the gap between where we stand in Christ and the state in which we live? Only when we acknowledge the sufficiency of Christ in our lives will we reach our potential in this life. This course will focus on pursuing and pulling on all we have in Christ in our everyday lives. We will learn to process life in Him.


Seminars currently are not being scheduled. Consider the following alternative for the Walk the Walk Even When It Hurts Seminar. While it is not written in a seminar format, you can work through this reproducible devotional individually or as a group.

Walk the Walk Even When It Hurts Devotional Guide
Walk the Walk
Even When It Hurts
Devotional Guide

In the future the other two seminars listed on this page may be offered in a different format but currently nothing is available with similar content.

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