Teacher Training Seminars

Please Note: Seminars are not currently being scheduled. As an alternative to these seminars, consider the workbooks listed for each seminar. Though not exact in the way these seminars are conducted, the content is similar.

A Lesson Worth Teaching

For Teachers of All Age Levels
Length of Seminar: 3 - 6 hours
We teach a unique Book that must be "rightly divided" but also rightly communicated. This seminar will teach us to put together a lesson that will help us reach our goal of teaching for changed lives.

Creative Bible Teaching With Results

For Teachers of All Age Levels
Length of Seminar: 3 - 6 hours
Creative teaching goes beyond innovative methods and riveting visualization. Beginning with your view of the teaching-learning process and extending into your classroom structure and lesson approach, creative teaching affects your role as a teacher and how you relate to your students. Exercising your God-given creativity, you will see your class transform into place people want to be. And, students will go home equipped to deal with life.

Effectively Handling Classroom Discipline

For Teachers of Children
Length of Seminar: 6 - 9 hours
Discipline in the classroom remains the number one problem suggested by teachers. How many times we have heard teachers at their wit's end claim that they have tried everything with that problem child. Careful examination of this statement has often revealed that indeed many of those people did exhaust a long list of tactics. In these sessions we will go beyond mere tactics to a more comprehensive style of disciplining.

Let the Little Children Come

For Teachers of Young Children
Length of Seminar: 2 - 3 hours
We can bring infants and toddlers to Jesus in ways that fit their age level development through the use of guided conversation. This seminar will help your children's workers move from mere crowd control or babysitting to being foundation builders.

Teaching for Changed Lives

For Teachers of All Age Levels
Length of Seminar: 3-4 hours
This seminar will positively impact both the veteran teacher and the person who is new to teaching. You will learn how to effectively reach today's children, youth, and adults through the teaching of God's Word in ways that will make a difference in their lives. You will be challenged to examine both your role as a teacher and the methods you use to accomplish that goal.

Other seminar topics include: