Shepherding Ministry: Specific Duties of a Shepherd

If you are looking for the ministry position of a shepherd, who the shepherd is responsible to, conditions for serving, the purpose of this ministry, and general ministry responsibilities, go to the General Ministry Description.

What specifically is a shepherd to do?

To determine specific ministry duties of a shepherd, look at the needs of the sheep.

Sheep tend to stray and get lost.
They need to be
rescued and restored.

An effective shepherd realizes that sometimes a visit would be beneficial. The shepherd also seeks to build an accountability with the sheep to help deter them from getting lost.

Sheep need to be fed.
They need to be led
to green pastures.

An effective shepherd teaches, trains, and nurtures the sheep.

Sheep may get sick or injured.
They need to be
cared for and healed.

An effective shepherd sometimes counsels, intervenes in times of crisis, and provides practical assistance as needed but also values the power of prayer in helping the person.

Sheep tend to get frightened.
They need to be comforted and encouraged.

An effective shepherd listens and provides comfort. But, the shepherd also knows when it is time to spur them onward.

Sheep may venture into danger.
They need to be

As the Apostle Paul did, so must an effective shepherd constantly and passionately warn the sheep (Acts 20:28-30). The best safeguard is to consistently "preach the word; to be prepared in season and out of season; to correct, rebuke and encourage -- with great patience and careful instruction" (2 Tim. 4:2).

Sheep are vulnerable to attack.
They need to be
guarded and protected.

An effective shepherd oversees the flock, watching for predators, and chasing off any attackers.

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The Shepherding Ministry Manual provides a little more description of the sheep in the above points. In addition to this content, the manual guides you through a study on the qualifications that should be in "shepherds of God's flock" based in 1 Peter 5:1-4 and thus incorporated into their ministry description.

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