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Once we’ve assessed ministry needs, we’re ready to start recruiting people to accomplish these goals. But, staffing ministry doesn’t end there. People need to be trained. Effective training of volunteer church and ministry workers needs to be on-going. A more comprehensive approach to training begins before they’re placed into ministry and ends when they’re ready to leave that position. By so doing you will help them more effectively serve now and in the future.

Types of Ministry Training Needed to be Most Effective:

The Staffing Ministry Manual lists the following types of training, along with other help on training, in addition to more topics related to staffing:

(1) Pre-Service Training:

After you recruit people and before you actually place them into the ministry position, you should provide them with at least training of the basic skills required for the task and orientation to prepare them for what they will be doing. This training could include observation, classroom instruction, or an internship/apprenticeship. The combination of the three would be ideal.

(2) In-Service Training:

Training should be an on-going process. Everyone has room to learn and grow. The next post will provide elements of effective in-service training. (You can subscribe to receive e-mail notice of new posts.)

(3) Post-Service Debriefing:

People may leave a ministry position for a variety of reasons. To help them for future ministry, take time to sit down with them to discuss what they liked about the ministry they were doing, what they didn’t like, and how they can take what they learned into future ministry.


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  1. Need to train the following dept in church (Assembly of God). – youth dept., mans dept, Womans dept, sunday school dept.

    • Hello, Chrishneel Chand. How good that you see the need to train people in the different ministries of your church. We don’t publish training specifically geared to those ministries but do have pages pointing to resources from other sites that might be helpful. If you click on the links below, it will take you to those resource pages:
      Youth Ministry
      Men & Women’s Ministry
      Sunday School

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