Spiritual Gifts in Use Within the Church

The dynamic of a church body operating within the sphere of spiritual gifts is a real testimony to the world around us. In a self-centered, self-sufficient culture, where isolation and disconnectedness seem to be increasing, this kind of inter-dependent, accountable, relational atmosphere will seem like an oasis in a desert. People long for this kind of connection where love abounds.

5 Keys to Operating within the Sphere of Giftedness:

key to use gifts  Be Purpose-Driven
key to use gifts  Build an Awareness
key to use gifts  Develop an On-Going Strategy
key to use gifts  Recruit Based on Spiritual Gifts
key to use gifts  Constantly Seek God's Wisdom


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Read more about the 5 keys in the book Everybody Has A Part: Getting a Grip on Spiritual Gifts


Implement a plan for operating
more within the sphere of spiritual gifts by using the MAX Pak.

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