Let’s Get Practical … About Spiritual Gifts

I recently received an e-mail from someone whose Sunday School class was learning about spiritual gifts but wanted to help people see how to use their spiritual gifts within their church body. I wrote,

I really believe there is no substitute for taking the time to tailor it to your particular church setting.  You need to look at your particular ministries, the tasks required to do those ministries, and then determine which gifts are needed to accomplish those tasks.  To do that you must be able to define the different spiritual gifts and then discern what gifts are used in the different ministry areas.

In reflecting on practical ways to help people see how to use their spiritual gifts within their church body, I thought about the Everybody Has a Part Curriculum, which is part of the MAX Pak.  It concludes with a lesson suggesting  that you end with what is often called a ministry fair wherein you set up displays or booths for each of the major ministry areas of the church, with the ministry head on hand to answer questions.Students walk around to gain more information on the different ministries, talk one-on-one with the leaders, set up times to observe the ministry in action, etc.

In addition to possibly having a ministry fair, here are ideas I shared in responding to the e-mail:

  • Make up a booklet of your church’s ministries and list the gifts that are most used within those ministries.  Get as practical as you can in laying out ministry descriptions and the process for getting involved in those ministries.
  • Have the ministry leaders from the different areas prepare for a session to share how people with the various gifts can be used in their ministries.  You could ask them to take ‘x’ amount of minutes to share with the whole group or you could have people go to only the one(s) that best fit their gifts.
  • Plan for testimonials from people with the different gifts to share how God has used them specifically because of their giftedness.
  • Set up one-on-one consultations with class members to discuss possibilities.

These are just a few ideas that have been effective in some churches.  What else has been helpful?

2 thoughts on “Let’s Get Practical … About Spiritual Gifts

  1. Thank you for the information provided on this site. We are planning a church wide ministry fair. This material will be very helpful.

    • I praise God that you have found the material useful. May God stir up a desire within the people at your church to serve as a result of the ministry fair!

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